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Femiel Bainbereth
PostPosted: Fri Nov 27, 2015 12:54 pm    Post subject: Dont forget our journey at sunday

Heres the last info about our journey to white city at sunday!

Some problem have occured with anglastel, our hunter, who was going to port us to dol amroth. She is sick and can only port us to rivendell. Bad news, and here comes the good news. From rivendell we will travel through eregion, enedwait, dunland, gap of rohan. and there trough a secret gate to rohan!!!

from there we will go to Edoras and rest and feed our horses. Then the journey goes along through paths of the dead to gondor. and finally we arrive at white city where are dear gondor friends awaits us. 

I will bring food for everyone. And for all of you who can wear our new heavy armour kin set, pls do so. we have to be protected.

As a start we will ride with this heavy armour through bree as the cool, heavy, strong and adventourous kin we are!!!

welcome all

sunday at 1 PM servertime

take care