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re: Part 2


                Lymeria slowly lay her head down among the flowers to sleep.  She was not concerned as she had her staff close by and her horse standing guard.  It had been an interesting few days.  First, all the predatory animals were acting rather against their nature.  She couldn’t calm them nor even touch their minds. Such was extremely unusual.


                But the thoughts that kept her from sleeping had to do with her kin-group.  She had met some of them earlier in the day.  She was heartened to see many of her fellow elves among them. Perhaps things would not be so difficult after all.


                But she had to learn to speak better common in order to communicate better with the humans. Through her own lack of understanding of human social skills and the language barrier, she felt she had offended or hurt one of the humans of the kin-group.  The one they called Jolbarad seemed so sad, that it made her feel guilty to think she probably had made him more sad.


                And then there was Lasaraeg.  He reminded her so much of her father before he went away courting death.  He was so melancholy.  It had affected her so much she had forgotten her manners and interrupted her elders. Her great grandfather would look at her with such disappointment she was sure.


                She shook her head annoyed with herself and muttered, “Will you never learn girl?”


                At least her interruption was viewed as the excited utterance it was and a not a formal breach of courtesy.  He had almost smiled, which Lymeria felt was a rare occurrence.  She would not have interrupted, but he seemed so sad and somehow lonely, and was so sure the land was dying, that she just had to correct him and let him know different.  And so, she had blurted out that the land was not dying, but only going to sleep because no one was listening to its voice.  He seemed surprised by her comment and for a moment, a bit less sad.


                It didn’t last however. The rare moment of happiness she felt from him lasted until he missed a bow shot.  Then once again, he became sad and resigned. Once again he was like her grandfather with no mirth or joy to be found inside of him.


                She did however manage to make what she felt was a friend in a very strange place.  One of the little persons, hobbits they were called. For some reason, she smiled as she thought of him.  But not in a silly way.  He seemed to be a truly kind and noble soul.  He used his music to lighten the load of others.  Markvart was his name.  She made sure to commit the name to memory.


                Markvart did not seem to treat her with condescension, but rather with gentle respect.  He listened, truly listened to her words and seemed to understand exactly what she said.  She was not used to that. She was used to everyone patting her on the head like a pet lamb and basically telling her to “go study” or “when she was grown, she would understand”.  The problem was, she wanted to understand now, this instant.  She was much afraid that such was gift from her human mother.  Markvart seemed to want to help her to understand things now.  He brought up different perspectives of thought she had not considered.  She would honor his respect my mulling over the things he had said.


                Before their little imprompteu group broke up, Markvart reminded her that he was headed to Imladris.  He asked her if he needed to deliver a message for her.


                Lymeria had shaken her head slowly and simply responded, “No, tell whoever asks that you saw me and that I am well.  Annoyed, but well.  Anyone of importance to me will understand”.


                She had almost thought he had responded that, “I am sure he will,” but she decided it was just her imagination as she rode away.  The wind often carried words great distances and she was probably hearing the words to another conversation as close as they were to the Skirmisher camp.


                She was trying to understand the ways the humans thought, it was just so far removed from the way she was raised.  She was trying to do as she was instructed, it was just difficult.  With such thoughts rambling in her head, she fell into a restless sleep.



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re: A Journey of Becoming


                The tall, leggy young woman sat on the ground with her feet in a cold mountain stream. Nearby, her horse grazed contentedly. The young woman shook her ashen blonde hair and as she did so, an observer would have noticed her pointed ears and marked her for an elf.


                And so she was.  But she was also human, which led sometimes to her impetuously running off to the woods on a wild ride on her horse.  The horse was used to such antics and almost served as a sort of watchdog for the girl on her escapades. 


                But today, the elf was not far away, but still in the vicinity and protection of Imladris or as the Edanea called it, Rivendell.  So, she was able to hear someone calling her name.


                “Vedui’ “ she responded in kind.


                Soon another elven maiden joined her. 


                “Hodoer seeks you”.


                The elf consider this carefully and responded, “I will come”.  She made a whistle sound at her horse, who reluctantly left off his grazing to walk sedately up to her.


                “I would hurry. He seemed most emphatic.  Why you test him Lymeria..”


                “I do not test him. I simply do what I do”.


                “One day, he will loose patience, even for all the fondness he has for you”.


                “Then I shall worry about that when it occurs.  Uuma ma’ten’ rashwe, ta tuluva a’lle.  Don’t look for trouble, it will come”.


                Lymeria quickly mounted her horse and rode towards the center building in the area.  She did not hurry, but the horse was quick none the less.  She dropped the reins and left the horse to graze.  The horse almost seemed to look at her in warning. 


                Lymeria smiled slightly. “Don’t worry Moon Splinter, I shall be most composed and demure”.


The horse snorted as if in disagreement and then began to graze again.


                Lymeria made her face still as she could and raised her hand to knock.  She was pre-empted by a male voice commanding, “Come in Penneth”.


                Lymeria entered the room and lithely crossed over to where a dark haired elf sit.  He gave off an aura of being old and powerful, not to mention dangerous if crossed.  And he was looking at her sternly.


                She swallowed slightly and bowed respectfully, saying, “Heru amin”.


                There was silence in the room for a long while as the elven Lord continue to look at her. Lymeria wanted to fidget, but knew she would garner his wrath if she did.


                Finally, the dark haired elf asked, “How old are you now Penneth?”


                “I am 86 years Arahael”.


                The dark haired elf appeared to hide a smile and put his stern look back on his face.  “I fear I do not feel very wise today Penneth”.


                Lymeria fought to keep her face still.  “My Lord?”


                Again the silence, which was finally broken by a question.  “Your mother, she was one of the Riders of Rohan, correct?”


                Lymeria blushed slightly. “Yes, My Lord”.


                “And your Father is the son of my son?”


                “Yes My Lord”.


                Again the silence and when the Eleven Lord spoke again, it was almost to himself. “Always has my line been drawn the affairs of the Edan or humans.  It has ever complicated our lives. Even my daughter…” he trailed off, but then brought himself back to the present and pinner her with a stern glare.  “But it is not to be helped”.  He frowned a bit and looked at her even more sternly.  “I wish for you to pay attention to this part, very closely.  You will be considered grown in 14 years.  In normal times, you would be given 50 or so years to decide if you wished to be of our people or of the Edan.  You wouldn’t even be asked to even consider your choices until you were an adult.  But these are not normal times”.


                Lymeria sat stone still for the first time in her life.  Her great grandfather sounded so tired and so resigned to some unseen danger it frightened her.


                “There are strange portents on the wind.  Man is increasing and we must fade.  Soon we will go to the West to not return.  But, not yet.  We have previous business which must be finished and dealt with for this to happen.  The portents are strange, but I am not sure if this is a prelude to the final disposition of our journey or only a minor spike in which the dark ones test their boundaries.  I cannot take the risk to assume and therefore not be prepared”.


                Lymeria began to look nervous and wondered what the dark haired elf was speaking about.  She noticed he was almost absentmindedly twisting the strange ring he always wore.


                The quiet was broken again. “Your Naneth…mother….she is dead correct? Killed by bandits, when you were but an infant?”


                “Yes, My Lord”.


                He nodded.  “You were too young to be alone without her then and you are too young to send out alone now…” he drifted off.


                “Alone where My Lord?”


                “I am sending you out of Imladris Penneth.  I need eyes and ears outside. Because of your human parent,  you will be thought to be much younger than what you are and not as much of a threat.  Humans and others will relax and be more open to you.  You must tell me what you discover in your travels.  Come to me in your dreams when you have something to say”.


                Lymeria swallowed heavily. “Yes My Lord”.


                His face softened.  “But it is not the only reason I send you.  You have a choice to make Penneth and I fear if events are unfolding as they should, you will not have the luxury of years to make your choice.  And I will not have any of my people make such a choice without knowing all they give up on both sides.  So you will go”. He almost smiled as if he knew her next question.  “Yes,  you may take Moon Splinter.  That horse wouldn’t be parted from you no matter what I said.  Even distant progeny of Felaro`t have their own minds.  As a matter of fact, I worry less that you take him”.


                And answering snort came from outside, almost on cue.  The dark-haired elf almost smiled. “So good of him to agree”.  Then his face grows somber.  “But do not think this to be a lark.  What I ask of you is important and not without risk. I will feel better having someone watching over you.  You will go to the town of Bree and find an elf named Lasaradan.  You will join his kin. Whatever he asks of you, you will do.  But you will pay attention above and beyond what he asks.  You will get to know the Edan. Work with them. Try to understand them.  When the events I fear are in motion play out, you will have a decision to make.  Now go and make haste to depart”.


                “Yes, My Lord”.  Lymeria turned to go.


                “And Penneth….” He called.


                “Yes My Lord?”


                “No matter what your decision, come back to us.  Stay safe and come back to us. Quel fara”.


                As Lymeria walked out, if anyone would have been observing the scene, they would have sworn they saw a tear in eyes of  Elrond.


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