Mae Govannen!

Our kin have only one rule. And that is being Polite! Thats what we are. To make polite a little more clear we have the leadwords Friendship, Tolerance and Fun!

Everyone who are following this will never be kicked from our kin. If you will be away for a longer time and cant come online, its good if you tell me. But never the less, you will not be kicked from kin. Once a kinnie always a kinnie! :)

A very important rule for our officers, no one have the permission to kick members from kin except me! 

Welcome to our kin!


A few guidelines:

- If you register on this forum, we require to you fill in all the questions in the questionary. If you do not, the application will be declined. Also, if you register, please use the name of your main character that will be in kin. If that name is taken, put a number behind it, that should work. 

- We would like to you set a member note in the roster. This can be done by pressing O, then Kinship tab. Somewhere down the bottom there's the Note button, click on it. 

Please write down:
* "Main character" for your main in kin.
* "Alt of [name of your main]" for an alt. (for example: Alt of Lori)


We are a social kinship with no obligations except being polite. Someone who is recruited in the kinship will keep the Recruit status, until the leader and/or co-leader decides to promote him/her. Usually this will be somewhere between 1 and 2 weeks, depending on a few things, behaviour and so on.

- We would like to ask you all to keep things civilized in chat: no cursing, no swearing (although an occasional "crap" or "drat" can of course happen). If you have a problem with someone, try to resolve this amongst yourselves, and if that does not work, ask an officer, the leader or co-leader to help out. Also, please keep it out of kinchat.


If you have any ideas or thoughts about our kin, feel free to mail och tell me in game.